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Ecoloré® is a mineral cosmetic brand created so you can enjoy pure and natural beauty with no compromise.

The result of work by a specialist team, Ecoloré cosmetics are durable, gentle on the skin and rich with color. Experienced cosmetologists and make-up artists were involved in the development process. Due to their contribution, the most beautiful shades and formulations with the best practical features were selected.

The high-quality, naturally derived mineral ingredients make Ecoloré cosmetics entirely healthy and skin-safe. What is not there is equally important. In Ecoloré cosmetics you will find no fillers, no preservatives, no polymers, nothing but the purest elements from the earth. Neither the cosmetics nor the raw materials used in manufacturing were tested on animals. Ecoloré products have undergone a series of toxicity and dermatological tests and have received positive Safety Patents. The products meet European Union legal requirements.

Ecoloré proudly presents a rich collection of cosmetics that includes mineral foundations, matte and finishing powders, eye shadows, eyebrow shadows, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers, concealers and correctors.

Enjoy endless beauty and create with no limits with Ecoloré!