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  • Warm 1 No.551 X
  • Warm 2 No.552 X
  • Warm 3 No.553 X
  • Warm 4 No.554 X
  • Warm 5 No.555 X
  • Olive 2 No.562 X
  • Olive 3 No.563 X
  • Olive 4 No.564 X
  • Olive 5 No.565 X
  • Nude 1 No.571 X
  • Nude 2 No.572 X
  • Nude 3 No.573 X
  • Nude 4 No.574 X
  • Nude 5 No.575 X
  • Nude 6 No.576 X
  • Golden 1 No.581 X
  • Golden 2 No.582 X
  • Golden 3 No.583 X
  • Golden 4 No.584 X
  • Golden 5 No.585 X
  • Cool 1 No.591 X
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  • Cool 3 No.593 X

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From: €1.50 To: €21.87

Quick Overview

Mineral Foundation SPF 10 Ecoloré Velvet Soft Touch


Ecoloré Mineral Foundation SPF 10 is a simple and extremely efficient mineral composition. It gives skin a flawless satin-matte finish with a natural glow at the same time. Your complexion will look fresh, natural and radiant. This foundation formula is suitable for all skin types, even problematic ones. It provides natural sunscreen protection SPF 10.

Ecoloré Foundation evens out the skin tone and corrects imperfections. It allows you to build coverage from light to medium – each layer increases the coverage, preserving natural luminosity. It is perfect at covering up all sorts of imperfections, such as acne, scars, rosacea, or blemishes.

A wide selection of shades guarantees you will find the ideal shade for your skin color.


  • Fresh radiant skin.
  • Lightweight, finely milled formula means it adheres to the skin, giving excellent staying power.
  • High-quality, simple blend minimizes the risk of allergies.
  • Natural sunscreen protection SPF10.
  • Dermatologically tested, odorless, oil-free.
  • Vegan.

Mineral and Natural Cosmetics
Vegan Cosmetics
Authentic Brand
Responsible Brand

Ingredients and Additional Info

Name Foundation
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Choosing Shade

Ecoloré foundation brightness levels.

  1. 0 - very light complexion
  2. 1 - light complexion
  3. 2 - medium light complexion
  4. 3 - medium complexion
  5. 4 - medium dark complexion
  6. 5 - dark complexion
  7. 6 - very dark complexion
  8. 7 - very dark+ complexion

Ecoloré foundation shade categories for various skin types:

For warm complexions with beige-peach tone. The Warm line contains a little bit more red pigment than Golden category. Used mistakenly on neutral or golden skins, may punch out orange tones.

Typical features of the WARM type: tans easily. Ideal for complexion feeling warm and sunny. They perfectly mix with the sun touched skin, the red pigment additionally emphasizes the tan.

For olive complexion. The Olive line is more earthy and dimmed but it contains some yellow and more green.

Typical features of the OLIVE type: tan easily. Most foundations for this skin type look too gray or too pink.

For neutral complexions with balanced tone. Recommended for difficult types of beauty, but also cool types with discolorations and visible blood vessels. This line contains less earthy hues and at the same time little bit more yellow.

Typical features of the NEUTRAL type: they tan well but they need more time to get an intense, brown suntan.

For warm complexions with golden-yellowish tone. The Golden line contains more yellow hues than Warm.

Typical features of the NEUTRAL type: they usually tan well.

For cool complexions with pink or reddish tone. The Cool line does not contain outstanding orange and yellow tones. It prefers clearly cool and pink tones.

Typical features of the COOL type: they get easily sunburned. Women of this type have a delicate or often contrasting beauty with naturally more pink skin.

The categorizations above give hints to help select the optimal foundation shade. Preferably, before buying a regular size product, consider testing a mini product first.

Note that the depth of your skin color may change through the seasons. For example, Warm 4 may be best during summer and Neutral 3 during winter.

The best place to test foundation color is your face! The wrist or the neck may be too bright. Some women's faces have darker pigmentation or a red tone which should be taken into account.



  • Use foundation after applying a light moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Make sure you wait until the cream absorbs into the skin.

Additional tips: If you have a mixed or oily complexion you can apply a thin layer of Matte Powder Shine Control Translucent No.410 on the oily areas. It will help your makeup to last even longer.

When your skin requires color correction, use a suitable Corrector before applying your foundation:

  • redness or pink undertones – green corrector
  • blueness or violet undertones – yellow corrector
  • gray spots and grayish complexion – pink corrector


  • Tap a small amount of the foundation into the lid.
  • Gently swirl your favorite brush in the product.
  • Tap the handle against the lid to remove excess powder.
  • Apply from your cheekbones to your nose, using a circular motion, gently sweeping onto the face. Start with a light layer. If needed, add more thin layers on top to achieve full coverage.
  • To cover up skin imperfections you can either apply an additional layer in selected areas or, for a better effect just use Concealer.

Tips: To help your makeup last longer, after application, spray the whole face with thermal water or hydrolate. Mineral Foundation can also be applied wet. To do this, spray a brush with thermal water or hydrolate. Next, swirl the brush in the foundation gently and with a circular motion, until the consistency of the foundation becomes creamy. This is also the quickest way to achieve full coverage.