Mica is one of the most popular cosmetic fillers. This is substance of mineral origin. It is received from serecite, mica aluminosilicate. It comes in various types.

When it comes to powders, mica adds lightness and enables them to be easy to blend. It works anti-caking. All cosmetics that contain pearl mica as a main ingredient, do provide a natural, glowy finish to the skin. That luminosity awakes your face and optically smooths out small wrinkles.


Substance of mineral origin. Is a source of white pigment, considered by many expert to be the best natural sunscreen protector. In makeup (powders, lipsticks, foundations) it is used as a brightener. Id adds coverage to the product.


Substance of mineral origin. Used in cosmetics works antibacterial and calms irritated skin. It is a perfect UVA and UVB filter. It adds some coverage and adhesion. Brightens up coloured mixtures.


Substance of mineral origin. Adsorbs moisture and oil a lot. Perfect for oily skin. May be used to create eyeshadows, powders, foundations and so on.


A salt of stearic acid used as anti-adherent. Makes the application easier by reducing the dustiness. Also provides avarage coverage.


Used to coat mica to reflect light in a certain way to create vibrant colors.


Silica is a mineral that has anti-caking and filling properties. It extends the durability of the cosmetic and perfectly absorbs excess sebum and matte skin


Corn starch. Acts as a filler in cosmetics. It has anti-caking properties. It mainly absorbs and fixes makeup very well. It leaves the skin smooth and matte.


Tapioca starch. It increases the glide of the cosmetic, its adhesion and facilitates the application. Provides a smooth and silky finish.

CI 77288

Chromium Oxide Greens, substance of mineral origin. Used as colorant in lots of products.

CI 77266

Black inorganic color. It consists almost pure carbon.

CI 77007

Ultramarine Blue, pigment of mineral origin.

CI 77742

Manganese Violet, violet pigment of mineral origin.

CI 77492

Yellow iron-based inorganic colorant of mineral origin.

CI 77510

Prussian Blue, dark blue pigment of mineral origin.

CI 77491

Red Oxide of Iron, inorganic colorant.

CI 77499

Black Iron Oxide, inorganic colorant.