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Golden Peach Flash - S/S '15 Campaign

Mineral makeup Golden Peach Flash

Apply mineral foundation in your shade (Warm 2 No.542 in the picture).
Cover areas requiring extra coverage with suitable beige mineral concealer (Beige Uno No.300 in the picture).


Apply Peach Smoothie No.002 eye shadow all over eyelid.
Apply Heavenly Blue No.010 to the outer and inner corners of the eye and Golden Rain No.004 eye shadow to the eyelid crease.
Finish eye makeup applying Magnetic Silver No.019 eye shadow right by the lash line and to the outer corner of the eye.
Apply Heavenly Blue No.010 and next Golden Rain No.004 eye shadows to the lower lid. Do not forget about eyebrow - use suitable eyebrow shadow to emphasize it naturally. In this case Hello Blondie No.024 eyebrow shadow was used.


Apply Coralisso No.210 blush to the central area of the cheekbone.
Contour your face applying mineral bronzer right under the cheekbone (Paraiso No.281 in the picture).
Highlight the top area of the cheekbone with Vanilla Pudding No.001 eye shadow (used here as a shimmer).

Cosmetics Used: